originally posted | June 2008

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  1. Keith Houston , said:

    Band of Oz has been featured many times.

  2. Guy Brooks , said:

    The Castaways CD “Generation Six” is on KHP. Singles on KHP Compilations “Locals Only”, “Locals Too”, and “This Is It”.

  3. King Tyrone , said:

    It does the King good to be on the Kick Hass Promo label! Bring on the drunk mama and dig the crazy scene baby as the new site y’all kicking makes me wanna go to the kneel down building and save ‘em myself. I do like what we have done thank you for all your undying efforts to bring swamp royalty to the for front of such a “DE”ranged and over emotional scene. Really, thanks… I think. You just wait “K” man… Wait to see what the King brings to the table from the court next time! It’s coming straight into your house box to make them records. It won’t stink near as bad at that dead “pole cat” I brought in last time. Or my Grandmama’s lightly cured with goats milk country ham. Damn!
    The King Abides

  4. Rev. Bubba D. Liverance , said:

    Greetings and salutations brother Keith and brother Bo! Ye hast nashed the teeth and put asunder all unbelievers with your new website. You continue to rocketh and rolleth! For including our band in your endeavors, you are now honorary members of the Cornhole Prophets, and as a special concession, we’re going to waive the initiation ritual!
    Rev. Bubba D. Liverance

  5. Johnny Wilson , said:

    Keith Houston is the man with the magic. He knows how to make the right adjustments in recording that makes you sound as good as you think you do!! I want him doing all of our final mixes!!!
    Johnny Wilson
    BigTime Party Band

  6. Brian Barfield , said:

    Hey Bo, PTPTB has been working with KHP for over a year now in distribution of our 4 CD’s. Don’t Turn My Music Down, Beach Access: Still Diggin, Back to the Basics, and Back To Your Loving. Great work on the website. Keep the website hummin; and runnin’.

  7. The Fabulous Hot Dog Daddy-Os , said:

    “It’s You” was included on the Compilation CD “This Is It”

  8. Rhonda McDaniel , said:

    Keith Houston at KHP Music has produced and engineered every recording of mine from day one(2004). Every experience has been a great one. I’m looking foward to many more new projects with KHP in the future. Visit my website to hear clips of Keith’s work! Proud to be a KHP Artist!
    Thanks to Keith and the KHP Family!

  9. Jonathan Burton , said:

    Thanks Keith for all you have done and plan for me in the future. I feel Blessed to be associated with KHP. It’s a life changing experience. Love you Man.


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