Ain’t No Doubt About It

originally posted | May 2005

KHP Music is please to release the CD Compilation “Ain’t No Doubt About It”

KHP Music’s Compilation CD, “Ain’t No Doubt About It – SOUTHERN FRIED SOUL” may be one of the best! With a tremendous mix of Southern Soul Artists, recognized both regionally and nationally, “Southern Fried Soul” brings you the best sounds of soul from the Southern States! Featuring Tower of Power, Dobie Gray, and recently inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member Percy Sledge,as well as classic beach music bands such as the Band of Oz, and Big John Thompson, and new-comers like Rhonda McDaniel and Ron Moody, and so many more, this new compilation is sure to be a fan favorite!

Why Southern Fried Soul? Hey, you don’t have to be from the South to sing Soul Music. It’s a tribute to where it developed. Robert Gordon said, “The Southern Soul era was a time when the nation’s musical trends were not determined in the population centers and the corporate offices, but established instead by the sounds of small town Southern streets and neighborhoods.”

Soul music as we know it was decimated by the Disco era and the use of the synthesizer. It was the end of real horns and real instruments in a lot of music. It was like wearing a synthetic polyester shirt instead of 100% pure cotton. On the outside it may appear the same, but on the inside it loses its true feel. And Soul Music is about feel. Well, its time for real musicians, with real instruments and most especially REAL HORNS to come back.

I got news for you. They’re HERE! The Soul sound still lives on. The artists today are as talented as ever. This album is evidence of that. You don’t have to buy the endless oldies packages that are featured on late-night television. If some of these songs on this CD were available in the late 1960’s they would be classics today. There AIN’T NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! You can have fresh, brand new, high octane Soul Music right here today. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready!

Southern Fried Soul – Ain’t No Doubt About It.

1. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um- Luther Keat
2. Angel- Band of Oz
3. Ain’t No Doubt About It- Memphis All-Stars
4. Happy ‘Bout That- Tower of Power
5. Back To You- Dink Perry
6. Emerald Eyes- Tyn Tymes
7. Closed For The Season- Billy Scott
8. Good Thing- Rhonda McDaniel
9. Big Blue Diamonds- Percy Sledge
10. Nothing Goes Better- Mike Stewart & Casey York
12. Good To Go- Big John Thompson
13. Walkin’ the Dog/Money- Class of 60 Somethin’
14. The In Crowd- Dobie Gray (New Release)
15. Destination Dixie- Ron Moody
16. She’s An Angel- Jimmy Hall

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